Friday, February 11, 2011

Got a Question? Want to chat? Skype with us!

Hey guys, its Tom again.

I just wanted to make a short little blog post here because I am signed into Skype right now to chat with YOU! Well you, and everybody else. We started using Skype recently to chat with perspective students. Its almost like coming to the college and talking with one of us in person, only you don't have to drive all the way here! We can answer anything for you; including things like classes, professors, roommates/residence halls, the cafeteria, and programs on campus. If you don't want to video chat with one of us, then feel free to just send is an instant message through Skype! Either way, we want to chat with you. So, sign on and start chatting, were here to help!

Cant wait to Skype with you all!

- Tom

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  1. what time does the accepted student event start today, 4/16/2011?